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R.E.T - Resistive Electric Transfer

Reduces subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and aids in skin tightening

A multidimensional radio frequency treatment

R.E.T (resistive electric transfer) is a multidimensional radio frequency treatment that further enhances the high-frequency C.E.T (capacity electric transfer) method on the surface of the skin tissue.

R.E.T can break down subcutaneous fat and even visceral fat because this product penetrates deeper than other equipment. R.E.T will penetrate produces deep heat in the visceral fat layer, and promote lymphatic circulation and metabolism, so the fat burning effect and cellulite reduction effect is greater than other methods.

R.E.T treatments are also suitable for the face to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture as well as skin laxity.

Initial result is visible immediately post treatment and continues to improve in the following 3 months.


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